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Our Favourite Kick-Ass Women In TV + How To Dress Like Them

These are some of our favourite women in TV.

Who else LOVES the fact that there are now more fearless, powerful women in TV shows? As much as we have a soft spot for the Disney movies we watched during our childhood, we’re tired of seeing women revolve their lives around men. And fall over themselves to impress men. And base their self-worth around men. You get the point.

But these women TV characters that are on our screens today? They’re strong, they’re beautiful, and they’re helluva inspiring. Take Jessica Pearson from Suits, for example.

For the uninitiated, Jessica Pearson is a New York attorney and managing partner at a high-powered law firm. She’s smarter than pretty much everyone in the entire series, including all the male protagonists in the show. But here’s what we love most about Jessica: she knows what she wants, and she’s not apologetic about it.

Fashion-wise, Jessica is a sharp dresser. She favours form-fitting dresses which hit at the knee or below the knee, and we’ve also seen her rock a fire-engine red dress on more than one occasion.

Another character we love is Nikita – from hit TV series Nikita. This series ended back in 2013, but Nikita’s character is so memorable that we had to put her on this list. The story starts when she escapes a top-secret government-funded organization, and returns to take down that very same organization.

While Asian women are usually typecast as gentle and submissive, Nikita is pretty much the anti-thesis of this. She’s strong and independent, and capable of holding her own against men who are twice or even thrice her size. Because of the many fight scenes in the series, Nikita is typically outfitted in clothes which allow her to move around easily… but when the occasion calls for it, she’s not averse to rocking a more glamorous look.

Last but not least, we have Victoria Grayson from Revenge. We know, we know – many people see her as the villain of the show, and she’s certainly made some questionable (to put it lightly!) decisions. But we can’t help but admire her tenacious spirit – and how she will stop at nothing to protect her children.

Like Jessica Pearson, Victoria Grayson’s wardrobe mainly consists of figure-hugging dresses, although she does wear louder colours.

If you want to emulate these kick-ass women characters in the fashion department, here’s how: supplement your wardrobe with more form-fitting dresses which play up your assets, and show off your curves.

For example, we can totally see Jessica Pearson in this bandeau dress by Lara’J

…Or Nikita in this dress with an asymmetric neckline, also by Lara’J.

In fact, the vast majority of the pieces on Lara’J are perfectly suited to these badass, powerful women whom we look up to. Think figure-tracing dresses, sleek jumpsuits and skirts with a sexy slit.

Scroll down to shop Lara’J’s looks (similar to the styles favoured by Jessica Pearson, Nikita and Victoria Grayson). Make your purchase through Getfash’s links to enjoy cashback on all items!

#1: These red dresses

women in tv
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There’s no two ways about it - you’ve GOT to be confident and self-assured to pull off a red dress. If you’re up for the challenge, we love these head-turners from Lara’J.

#2: These black dresses

women in tv
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The Little Black Dress (LBD) is a classic, and regardless of whether you prefer a bandeau style, an asymmetric neckline, or a lace-up details, Lara’J’s got you covered.

#3: These (other!) black dresses

women in tv
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Look and feel like a million bucks in these black dresses, ranging from the statement-making (look at those dramatic sleeves!) to the versatile.

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