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Here’s How You Can Update Your Entire Wardrobe In Just An Hour

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New year, new you. It’s time to update your wardrobe!

Whilst some people might be spring-cleaning their homes for Chinese New Year, we’re busy sorting through our wardrobes and throwing out items we no longer wear. Most people only wear 20% of their clothes 80% of the time – so it makes sense for you to toss out old items that you no longer like, so that you have more closet space!

To simplify the process, here are a few guidelines we like to follow:

#1: If it no longer fits you, throw it away.

Especially if you’ve been giving yourself the excuse of “it’ll fit once I’m done dieting” for the past 5 years!

#2: If you haven’t worn it in the past 6 months, throw it away.

The only exceptions are seasonal items such as winter jackets that you wear when you go overseas.

#3: If it no longer makes you happy, throw it away!

Whilst you’re clearing out your wardrobe, you might realize that you have 10 pairs of blue jeans, but no black jeans. Or a lot of work-appropriate dresses, but none suitable for a casual weekend date. Here’s the fun part: once you’re done sorting through your clothes, it’s time to go online shopping, and purchase items to “fill in the gaps”.

The aim? To build a well-rounded wardrobe, so that you’re covered for any and every occasion. When your next D&D is around the corner, you won’t have to scramble and hunt for a last-minute outfit. When you’re invited to a wedding, you won’t need to rack your brains to think of what you want to wear. At the end of the day, you’ll eliminate all the stress from all clothing-related decisions.

Where should you go to update your wardrobe? We recommend Pixie Dust Collections, a homegrown fashion brand which stocks a wide range of women’s clothing including officewear, casual wear, and dressy pieces for special occasions. Just browse through Pixie Dust Collection’s website, and you’ll be able to shortlist all your favourite pieces within an hour or so.

What we love about Pixie Dust Collections is how frequently they launch – and how they feature different designs which can cater to multiple occasions. Plus, the clothes at Pixie Dust Collections are also extremely affordable – the majority of their dresses and jumpsuits are priced at $30 - $40, and their tops tend to run from $20 - $30.

For example, the wrap dress, floral maxi, black jumpsuit and floral cheongsam featured above are all in the $30 - $40 range, which is such a steal. It’s time to start building your dream wardrobe, so that you no longer have the headache of not having anything to wear!

Check out our top picks from Pixie Dust Collections below. Getfash readers get paid to shop (10% cashback!) by using our shopping links below!

#1: This embossed hem shift dress

Update your wardrobe
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Despite being such an easy piece to just throw on, this embossed hem shift dress is anything but basic. We love the luxe embossed details at the hem, which jazz up the whole look!

#2: This ruffle skirt hem dress

Update your wardrobe
S H O P :
Embrace your feminine side with this pretty ruffle skirt hem dress. You won’t be able to resist twirling in this fun, flirty number!

#3: This floral pop midi dress

Update your wardrobe
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We love a casual, versatile dress which you can wear whilst you’re running errands, popping out to the mall, or going to meet a friend. This floral pop midi dress by Pixie Dust Collections is one of them!

#4: This crochet neckline shift dress

Update your wardrobe
S H O P :
Why suffer in skin tight dresses when you can look chic in this crochet neckline shift dress? We love the laser cut neckline, as well as the fact that it’s fully lined and non sheer (which is pretty rare when it comes to white dresses!)

#5: This floral wrap dress

Update your wardrobe
S H O P :
You can never go wrong with the flattering fit of a wrap dress. This one comes with ribbon-tie sleeves for a feminine touch, as well as an adjustable sash tie and functional pockets!

#6: This crochet mermaid dress

Update your wardrobe
S H O P :
For those who have rather boyish silhouettes, this crochet mermaid dress is just the thing to coax out your curves and fill out your figure. This is also a great option for Date Night!

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