@Sodapopp confesses: "I'll pick a $1 coin out of a wet, slimy drain with my bare hands."

@Sodapopp talks to us about her shopping addiction and her "auntie" habits.

Here's what a friend recently told us:

"I have this conspiracy theory that influencers are secretly bots. They all look the same, dress the same, and advertise for the same online stores."

Influencers get a pretty bad rep these days. People tend to think of them as superficial and fame-hungry, and judge them for being nothing more than "a pretty face". Whilst we understand that it's difficult to relate to these people when their lives seems so picture-perfect, here's what we think: sometimes you just need to dig a little deeper, and you'll realize that everyone has interesting stories to share.

First up in our series of confessionals, meet Janice, who’s better known as her Instagram handle, @Sodapopp. What goes on behind Janice’s glam, perfectly curated Instagram feed? We sat down with her, and got her to spill the dirt.

GETFASH: Hi Janice! Can you tell us a bit about your background?

JANICE: I work as a finance professional! A lot of people automatically assume that I’m involved in creative work (something fashion or marketing-related).

GETFASH: Oh, so you’re an OL! How long does it take for you to get ready for work everyday?

JANICE: Around 20-30 minutes. Whoever invented eyelash extensions is a GENIUS, they save you so much time in the mornings!

Janice is wearing Orla Nude Jumpsuit by Lara’J, SGD 66.

GETFASH: Okay, time for some personal questions. What’s the best thing that happened to you in 2017?

JANICE: I GOT MY BTO flat, finally!!!

GETFASH: If you had to choose between having a beautiful face and an awesome figure, which would you choose and why?

JANICE: I’d choose a beautiful face. It's way more expensive to do plastic surgery than to purchase a gym membership!

Janice is wearing Savannah Greg Top by Lara’J, SGD 44.

GETFASH: If you were to land yourself in jail, what would it be for?

JANICE: It’s SUPER unlikely, but I guess I would land myself in jail for going above the speed limit on the expressway.

GETFASH: Tell us more about your personality. If you were a Singaporean dish, what would you be and why?

JANICE: I’m an Ice Kachang. I might appear icy cold and unfriendly on the outside, but there’s actually plenty of sweetness beneath the surface, if you get to know me!

GETFASH: Nice. If you were in the Hunger Games, how far do you think you would make it?

JANICE: I have fast reflexes from playing squash competitively, so I think I’d make it to the top 5. I’d choose a spear as my weapon, and I’ll stab people when their backs are turned so that I don’t need to deal with seeing their tortured faces whilst they die. *Laughs* Sorry, I’m getting way too into this.

GETFASH: Team Janice! Okay, what’s something you did as a teenager that you’re now embarrassed about?

JANICE: Let me think… I once confessed to someone, and we went on a date and almost got together. At the last minute, though, I realized I didn’t like him that much after all. I know I should’ve just told him, but I really didn’t know how to, so I cut off all contact with him. I guess you could call it ghosting, but this was way back when the term didn’t even exist.

Janice is wearing Rarity Bandeau Dress by Lara’J, SGD 58.

GETFASH: You broke someone’s heart! Okay, digging deeper – what’s something that most people don’t know about you?

JANICE: I’ve got a bit of an addiction when it comes to shopping – I skip meals and pangseh my friends to go shopping pretty frequently. Sometimes I’ll turn up late to my gatherings with my friends because I spent too much time shopping, but I typically make excuses and tell them that I had to work OT at my office. Oops, hope none of my friends read this…

GETFASH: So you’re a hardcore shopper. Last question – tell us a gross habit that you have?

JANICE: I’m honestly a huge auntie. When there’s a bulk discount on ANYTHING, I almost always force myself to buy more than necessary, just so I can get a discount. I’ve picked coins out of a wet, slimy drain with my bare hands before, just because I couldn’t bear to let that 20cents go to waste. Please don’t judge me haha!

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