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Here's How To Maximize Your "Going Overseas” Jackets & Outerwear in Singapore

Here’s how you maximize your “Going Overseas” jackets.

Singaporeans are always extraordinarily well-prepared when we head overseas to countries with cold weather. Given how we’re severely limited to only wearing summer-appropriate clothes in Singapore, it’s no wonder that we jump on the chance to stock up on leather and denim jackets, parkas, and other outerwear whenever we’re preparing for a trip to a country with a cold climate.

But once we return home to Singapore, these thick jackets and outerwear are typically relegated to the back of our closets. After all, these are much too impractical to wear in Singapore’s weather… or are they?

In this article, we show you how you can style cold weather vs warm weather looks using the exact same outerwear, and repurpose your “going overseas” jackets for use in Singapore.

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#1: PULL&BEAR’s Denim Jacket With Contrasting Hood

Cold weather: Pair your denim jacket with a long sleeved top, comfy palazzo trousers, and sneakers to block out the cold.

Warm weather: Switch up your top and trousers for a casual cotton dress, and you’re all ready to catch a movie or to hit your lecture theatre.

Model is wearing: Denim Jacket, size L, Palazzo Trousers, size M


*The featured item is sold out, but here’s a super similar piece. PS: This is a menswear piece, but its classic design makes it suitable for both men and women!

#2: PULL&BEAR’s Drop Shoulder Sweater

Cold weather: Pair your drop shoulder sweater with trendy flare jeans and black ankle boots. You’re all ready to paint the town red!

Warm weather: When you get dressed in the morning, tie your drop shoulder sweater around your waist, so that you don’t perspire buckets whilst making your way to school or work. Reach your (air-conditioned) destination before you pull on your sweater!

Model is wearing: Drop Shoulder Sweater, size S, Kick Flare Jeans, size 36


#3: PULL&BEAR’s Jacket with Pointed Band

Cold weather: Stay warm and toasty by pairing your jacket with a knitted long sleeve top, black shorts and leggings, and black ankle boots. That’s how you nail the sportswear look!

Warm weather: Swap your knitted long sleeve top out for a thinner t-shirt, and ditch your leggings. That’s it – you’re all set!

Model is wearing: Jacket with Pointed Band, size S


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