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4 Fashion Advice From Our Moms Which Have Withstood The Test Of Time

These fashion advice will help you up your style game.

“Life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a mother.” Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and it’s time for us to pay homage to the most loving and fearless women we know – our mothers! In this article, we’re compiling the nuggets of fashion-related wisdom our moms have imparted to us over the years. You know what they say… mothers know best!

#1: Wear more colours

If you’re a die-hard fan of black, you might scoff at your mother’s insistence that black pieces are reserved for women in their 50s and older, and that you should incorporate more colour in your wardrobe.

That having been said, don’t be too quick to write bright colours off. According to colour therapy experts, black typically serves as a “security blanket”; brighter colours, on the other hand, tend to influence your mood and boost your energy.

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Don’t worry, we’re not asking you to go off the deep end, and dress in bright yellow from head to toe. Just get your feet wet, and slowly expand your wardrobe with wearable colours such as navy blue and maroon.

#2: Dress up for work

If we had a dollar for every time our moms expressed indignance at how casually people dress up for work these days, we’d have enough money to buy a plane ticket to Europe. The tricky thing about this is that the definition of “casual” or “formal” differs depending on what industry you work in. If you’re a techie working at a startup, for example, there’s no way turning up to work in a blazer and sky-high heels is appropriate.

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As a general rule of thumb, though, we still like to avoid open-toed shoes and overly short hemlines when we go to work. If you’re wearing jeans, go with a pair that’s in a dark wash and isn’t ripped; blouses and dresses which feature embroidered details or lace will also dress up an outfit.

#3: Aim for sexy, not trashy

There’s a fine line between sexy and trashy, and our moms won’t let us forget about this. This one is fairly straightforward – if you’re exposing more on top, cover up on the bottom, and vice versa.

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Instead of wearing skimpy or revealing pieces, you might also want to consider items which are covered up, but subtly sexy. We’re talking about midi skirts with slits, translucent mesh blouses, and the like!

#4: Flaunt your figure

We don’t know if your mom is the same way, but our mothers HATE loose-fitting clothing with a vengeance. Here’s their rationale: if you’ve got a good figure, you should flaunt it instead of hiding it under baggy, ill-fitting clothing.

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While we still love Korean street style (where loose-fit items are all the rage!), we will concede that this specific look is more suitable for casual outings and events. If you’re dressing up for a date, or going for a work event, you’ll probably want to wear something that’s more figure-flattering.

Ready to update your wardrobe with these tips in mind? We’ve picked out a few pieces from local label Osmose – scroll down to shop these looks!

Inject some colour into your wardrobe:

fashion advice
S H O P :
Personally, we’re a fan of navy blue - this colour isn’t loud or garish by any means, but it’s still far less monotonous than black and white.

Dress up for work:

fashion advice
S H O P :
When it comes to officewear, there’s no need to stick to a formal, button-down shirt. Feminine blouses and dresses with lace or embroidered details will do just as nicely!

Go for the subtly sexy look:

fashion advice
S H O P :
Sexy doesn’t have to equate to plunging necklines and distractingly short hemlines. Go for the subtly sexy look with these unexpected options!

Opt for items which flaunt (not hide!) your figure:

fashion advice
S H O P :
There’s nothing quite as flattering than a fitted dress (or romper). As our moms would say... flaunt it while you still got it! ;)

Yours sincerely,

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