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5 Fun & Quirky Pieces To Add To Your Wardrobe To Combat The Gloomy Weather

Feeling gloomy because of all the bad weather we’ve been having? We’ve got just the thing.

It’s the middle of the year, but temperatures are dropping to as low as 21.6°C in some parts of Singapore. Pretty insane, huh?

We don’t know about you, but we’re tired of looking out of our windows and seeing gloomy skies all day, every day. Yes, we know we always moan about it being hot in Singapore... but now that all the sunshine is gone, we find ourselves inexplicably missing it.

And while we typically favour monochromatic outfits (think black, white and neutrals), we now find ourselves reaching for brighter pieces, or items which incorporate interesting details. After all, with the weather being this depressing and gloomy, we need our outfits to be as lively and fun as they can get.

Here are a couple of pieces that we’re vibing extra hard:

These ruffled blouses from FV Basics are fun without being too over-the-top. The light blue and pink shades are also great for ladies who want to experiment with wearing more colour, without committing to something that’s too loud or bold!

We also love these tops with embroidery details from Schmiley Mo. It’s pretty much impossible to be in a bad mood when you have an embroidered smiley face on your sleeve!

Of course, an outfit isn’t complete without the right accessories. If you want to add a bit of pizzazz to your look, these transparent bags from Mel & Molly will be right up your alley. Psst: here’s a better picture of how sparkly and fun the Ava Bag (second from right in the line-up above!) looks:

Want to get your hands on these great finds? Head over to, which is a treasure trove of brands from Asian designers. Schmiley Mo, for example, is an Indonesian brand spearheaded by award-winning blogger, entrepreneur, and author Diana Rikasari, and Mell and Molly is a Malaysian label.

Here’s what we love best about FashionValet – although the fashion platform is headquartered in Malaysia, they offer free shipping to Singapore with NO minimum spend. (You even get a unique tracking code that allows you to keep tabs on where your parcel’s at). This means you can shop to your heart’s content, without worrying about any extra shipping fees being slapped on when you cart out your purchase!

Read on to shop our favourite fun and quirky looks from FashionValet. Getfash readers get 10% off with minimum S$50 spent using code GETFASH10!

#1: These ruffled blouses

quirky pieces
S H O P :
Dragging yourself to work on a gloomy, overcast morning? The ruffles on this blouse from FV Basics will brighten up your day, and put a pep in your step!

#2: These transparent bags

quirky pieces
S H O P :
Personally, we’re a sucker for fun accessories such as these transparent cross-body bags from Mel & Molly. If you’re looking for a way to lift your spirits and add some interest to your outfit, this is it!

#3: These peplum blouses

quirky pieces
S H O P :
These peplum blouses from Schmiley Mo come with badge embroidery details and pleated ruffle hemlines. They’re the perfect antidote for gloomy weather!

#4: This colourblock top

quirky pieces
S H O P :
This colourblock top (also by Schmiley Mo!) is pretty similar to the peplum top we’ve just seen, but it features a drop shoulder and longer, billowy sleeves. If there’s a downpour going on outside, you definitely want to be warm and cozy!

#5: These organza pants

quirky pieces
S H O P :
Skirts are too cold for this weather (especially if you’re in a freezing office or lecture theatre), but jeans are boring and repetitive. Switch it up with these luxe straight cut organza pants by Aere.

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