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One Shirt, Six Ways: Secret Styling Tips Which Will Help You Fake A Never-Ending Wardrobe

One shirt, six ways - yes, it can be done!

Many women own at least one button-down shirt, but here's what they don't realise: these are SUPER versatile, and can be worn many ways. In this article, we show you how to style a classic shirt in 6 different ways. You can now rewear the same old shirt for months on end, and no one will even realise it!

#1: As a classic button-down

This one is a no-brainer, so we're getting it out of the way first.


#2: Under a knit top

For a preppy look, layer a knit top over your button down shirt. Alternatively, you can also wear your shirt under a loose-fit floral dress to channel some major Korean vibes.

Pro-tip: Do you work at an office where the air-conditioning is always on full blast? Keep a knit sweater handy at your desk, so that you can slip it on over your shirt as and when it gets too cold!

#3: As a bustier top

Here's how to repurpose your shirt into a bustier top - slip it over your torso, but don't put your arms into the armholes. Unbutton the first few buttons, and tuck the top part of the shirt into your bra. Then cross the shirt sleeves at the back (at your waist!), loop them to the front, and double-knot them.


#4: As an off-shoulder top

The steps for repurposing your shirt into an off-shoulder top is pretty similar to what you'd do for a bustier top. Instead of crossing the shirt sleeves at your waist, bring them over your upper arms and knot both sleeves at your chest instead.

Pro-tip: You'll need to use a shirt with long sleeves for this look!

#5: As a skirt

Yes, your shirt can be reworked into a completely different item of clothing, and the best part? It's not even that hard. Unbutton the first few buttons on your shirt (more if you want your resulting skirt to be shorter), and step into the shirt. Arrange the fabric depending on whether you're going for a symmetric or asymmetric look, then secure the arm sleeves around your waist and tie them together.


#6: As an open-back top

This one is easy - just flip your shirt around and wear it front to back!

Which is your favourite look?

Try these out for yourself to get maximum mileage out of all your button-downs!


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