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I Stepped Back Into The 80s & Wore My Mom's Clothes For A Week

For an entire week, I wore my mom's clothes.

You know that feeling you get when you're stuck in a style rut? Regardless of how overflowing your closet is, it just feels like you have nothing to wear, and getting dressed in the mornings is a huge pain in the ass. This week, I decided to force myself to step out of my comfort zone by wearing my mom's clothes, for the ENTIRE week. Here's how it went!

Monday: Orange Shirtdress

I kicked off Monday with one of my mom's favourite dresses - this orange shirtdress. My mom wears this all the time, and she's received a ton of compliments from her colleagues and friends on this dress. I have to say, the cinched-in waist and the fit & flare cut is pretty flattering, but the overall look is a liiiittle too preppy for my taste. One of my friends did a double-take when she first saw me in this dress, and another said that I looked like her primary school teacher.

Tuesday: Polka Dot Blazer

Tuesday saw me donning this super cute polka dot blazer with my own t-shirt and skorts. After wearing and photography these skorts, I've come to realise that they're so short that they're bordering on obscene, and I'm not wearing them anymore. But back to my mom's blazer! There are actually shoulder pads built into this piece, but they aren't super obvious or noticeable. This blazer taught me NOT to judge a book by its cover - I thought I'd look absolutely ridiculous in the blazer, but I actually ended up liking the whole pastel, retro vibe more than I expected.

Wednesday: Floral Print Vest

Time for some flower power! On Wednesday, I paired my mom's floral-print vest with a basic t-shirt dress. Reactions from my colleagues ranged from "You look like you're about to star in an Austin Powers movie" to blank stares. I like how unabashedly loud and funky this vest is, but in hindsight, this particular piece is probably more suited to a Coachella style look with ripped jeans and flower headbands. Not that I attend many music festivals (or any at all), but it's always good to know that I have options.

Thursday: Orange & Blue Striped Top

As soon as I put on Thursday's outfit, which featured an extremely colourful orange and blue striped top, I wanted to back out of this challenge, and call it quits. Out of all the outfits I wore in the entire week, this was the one which I struggled with the most, because it was so different from what I'd typically wear. (Seriously: I don't have a single piece of clothing which is orange, or bears even a hint of orange, in my own wardrobe). Also worth mentioning: several snooty-looking girls also gave me a judgmental once-over when I boarded the train in this outfit.

Friday: Floral Midi Skirt

Compared to Thursday's outfit, Friday's was a piece of cake. I wore my Mom's floral midi skirt with my own white top, and whilst this outfit is on the colourful side, it isn't exceptionally retro or old-school looking. My friends complimented my skirt when I met them for dinner, and they couldn't even tell that I had snitched it from my mom's closet. Successssss!

Saturday: Striped Ruffled Top

I had a lot of errands and running around to do this weekend, so I reserved the more casual and modern pieces that I picked out from my mom's wardrobe for the weekend. On Saturday, I wore my mom's striped ruffled top with my own denim skirt. Ruffled tops and skirts have been in trend for quite some time now, so this look was super easy to pull off. I really liked this outfit, and I'll definitely be borrowing this ruffled top from my mom again in the future.

Sunday: Pink Eyelet Top

Aka the last day of my challenge! On Sunday, I wore my mom's pink eyelet top with my own denim shorts. The eyelet details on this piece are pretty intricate, and I can appreciate that it's a well-made top. Buttttt I just didn't feel comfortable in this top, because it's so girly and feminine. (I'm more of a ripped jeans girl, myself).

Final thoughts

To be honest, I feel like the main reason why I was able to undertake this challenge is because I don't work in a conventional office with a dresscode (I can't imagine showing up to a desk job in the floral print vest, or the polka dot blazer). That having been said, the week did go a lot more successfully than I imagined - and I came to realise that my mom's wardrobe is indeed full of treasures waiting to be unearthed. The next time I run out of clothes to wear, I'll be back for more!

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