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What is Your Favourite Denim Finish?

Oh denim, what will we do without you?

Your versatility and timelessness keeps us coming back for more, paying premium for a brand, a trend, or even for raw denim that allow us to create our own personal signatures.

Raw denim before and after

Raw denim before and after, photo via HighSnobiety

But finishing a piece of raw denim is a process that takes months for the daily wearer, and even years to get a nice fade.

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aint nobody got time for raw denim

Seriously, though

Who's got time for that? And us girls, we pride ourselves on wearing something different everyday--jeans included. Finished jeans are just more practical for us, and they already come in so many styles and finishes. Scroll down to identify your favourite washes, and pick up a new pair at the same time.

Featured photo via HuffPost Style

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