Star Awards 2016 Shop These Best-Dressed Celebrities

Star Awards 2016: Shop These Best-Dressed Celebrities, Part 2

The 2016 Star Awards concluded with the second part on Sunday evening. The night's activities seemed no less happening than last week's awards show, however. Highlights include all the kisses that happened (handsome couple Joanne Peh and Qi Yuwu; BFFs Dennis Chew and Belinda Lee; budding lovers Jeffrey Xu and Felicia Chin), how guest performer JJ Lin was engulfed in smoke, and Pornsak throwing shade at Rui En. 

JJ Lin star awards 2016
That moment when you deliver the bridge but your audience disappears, image adapted via IG: @jj_lin

Asking why his fans didn't vote for him, Pornsak used Rui En's now signature line, "do you know who i am?". To which she responded:

Rui En burn
Apply aloe vera to burned area, image adapted via Toggle

If you'd like to review the highlights of the show, you may find it on Toggle. Otherwise, if you want to look like your favourite celebrities, you can shop their looks here!

Featured photo via StraitsTimes.com