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SLIP This Dress On With Ease: 10 Ways to Wear It

Have you heard? Slip dresses are coming back in a major way. It has been spotted on the runways in Spring Ready-to-wear 2016 shows, including designers like Alexander Wang, Calvin Klein and Givenchy. Revived styles should never be surprising, clothing has been rehashed over and over again--as mentioned before

So what have we now? Just the single, most simple piece of clothing, immortalised by Kate Moss, Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City), and Rachel Green (Friends). One of the most notable moments of Friends (yes, we know there are many) was from season 4, episode 18: The One with Rachel's New Dress

rachel green the one with rachel's new dress gif lingerie negligee
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If you continue reading this article, you'll realise a lot has changed in the decade since Rachel's incident. It is now acceptable to wear lingerie-inspired pieces in public. If you find the slip still too risqué for you, but still want to jump on the trend, you can consider Moschino's Slip Dress Insert Trench Coat.

Cotninue scrolling to see the different types of slip and how you can style them according to your preference.

Photo courtesy of Vogue: Givenchy, Spring 2016, Ready to Wear