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#PPAP: Sing, Dance & Dress Like Piko Taro

The internet's latest sensation is bringing so much laughter, but giving us all an immense earworm at the same time. Piko Taro's Pen Pineapple Apple Pen is so catchy it's hard not to find yourself humming or singing to yourself.


And if you need to be scientifically precise in learning his choreography, he's also released a dance tutorial:


All he's short of, is an informational guide on what he's wearing. Here's where we come in! You can obviously expect a lot of yellow colour, leopard, and python print. But we've brought his level of style, down to our local tastes. You're welcome!

We've also covered tinted eyeglasses that were trending at NYFW--so you know he's onto something. Pen pineapple apple pen!

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