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PANTONE Spring 2017 Colours: Get the Looks for Below $100

This year's Pantone colours have proven to be wildly successful in fashion--rose quartz, serenity, and pastel errthang. How will 2017's colours measure up?

pantone spring 2017 fashion colour report

For starters, most of these colours are not unfamiliar, and a lot of them are just different names for colours we already know. Primrose Yellow is light mustard; Pale Dogwood is really just nude/beige/blush, and Kale is our evergreen favourite, olive. 

We've chosen some of our favourite outfits in these Pantone colours for you to refer to what they might look like IRL. And of course to shop for these colours so you'll be ahead of the pack.

Outfits may not be the exact shade of Pantone due to several factors, such as screen colour settings, filters applied to photo, lighting, etc. But you can be assured we tried our best to make the most ideal match.

Tip: Always zoom in to the product image to take a closer look at the item's colour. 

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