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How To Get Perfectly Tailored Shirts Without Leaving The Office

"Nope, you don't have to take your own measurements."

If you're reading this, you're probably annoyed with ready-to-wear shirts because of:

Tailored shirts are definitely a solution. But, it's such a hassle to travel to the tailor shop TWICE! (1st time: Get measured, choose fabrics. 2nd time: Collect shirts.)

Thankfully, we learned about They help style-conscious men (& women) get perfectly tailored shirts without leaving the office. You don't have to travel! Not even once! Here's how:

Step 1: Book a Stylist

A trained stylist will pay you a visit at your convenience, at your preferred timing for FREE! No consultation fees, no hidden catch. You just have to request for a free visit and a stylist will schedule an appointment with you. #likeaboss eh?

Step 2: Get Measured

The stylist meets you, gets all your measurements, and you're ready for the fun part.

Step 3: Design Your Shirts

Choose your fabric from more than 145 designs! Here are some of our favourites:

White Soft Twill, Lavender Windowpane, Sky Blue London Stripe

Their fabrics come in 5 categories - Solids, Stripes, Checks, Casual, and Premium. Also, look at all these cool design options:

Having trouble deciding on a design? The STRIPES stylist is there to help you!

Step 4: Look Awesome

Your custom-made, perfectly tailored shirts will arrive at your doorstep within 10-20 working days. Considering that they tailor and ship all the way from Korea, that's pretty decent timing!

Tailored shirts are essentials. The joy of choosing a fabric and design, getting the perfect fit, and looking great is hard to resist.


The best part is that looking awesome has never been this affordable and STRIPES also tailors shirts for ladies. Want to book a free appointment with a STRIPES stylist? Click the button below:

Book Appointment

Meanwhile, check out the fabric choices and shortlist your favourites to make your STRIPES appointment a time-efficient one!


custom shirt singapore, tailored shirts singapore
S H O P :
Pink Solid
S$ 89   S$ 56
Blue Cotton Solid
S$ 128   S$ 56
With 38 different colours to choose from, thank God for STRIPES’s stylist offering recommendations and styling advise.


custom shirt singapore, tailored shirts singapore
S H O P :
Striped shirts provide the illusion of broader shoulders, longer torso and arms. Great for the career man in a position of power. (Or soon to be)


custom shirt singapore, tailored shirts singapore
S H O P :
Did you know that shirts with narrower checks are more well-received in a formal setting? That’s why Gingham and Houndstooth checks are great for the office.


custom shirt singapore, tailored shirts singapore
S H O P :
A few occasions where you’ll want casual shirts with perfect fit: Casual Fridays at work, Drinks at the bar, Dinner/Movie dates, Ladies night, anything that says ’Smart Casual’, etc.


custom shirt singapore, tailored shirts singapore
S H O P :
Want fabric that doesn’t cling onto your skin during the hot days? STRIPE’s premium fabric are made to discharge body heat faster and keep the wearer cool.

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