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How To Dress Sensually Yet Stay Modest

A fine line stands between sensual and sexy; class and crass. Understandably, you'll want to flaunt your best assets, but moderation, is the magic word here. According to both Forbes and Business Insider, you have all but seven seconds to make a first impression. Do you really want to be defined by what you dress, than what you really are?

This is especially important for young, independent women who are out there making a name for themselves, meeting new people, creating relationships and building bridges. First impressions are hard to change, even not possible in light of factual information.

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Jennifer Lopez on American Idol, image via Giphy

Don't let your party dresses get in the way of getting ahead in life. Clothing from The Huntress Cult is a good blend of sensuality, practicality, and most importantly, style. What you wear has the capability to speak volumes about you--make the right choices and don't waste a word.