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From Acting to Singing and Now Designing? Ariana Grande Can Do it All

Singing was perhaps the ultimate goal for Ariana Grande. Many believe that it was a chance encounter between Gloria Estefan and Ariana Grande that spurred the latter to pursue a career in show business. And it almost seemed like Grande knew the exact steps she needed to take, to get there.

Honing her skills in community theatre first, Grande caught her big break when she successfully auditioned for a part on Broadway. For her part of Charlotte on 13, she was recognised by the National Youth Theatre Association. She then went on to joining Nickelodeon’s Victorious (2010-13), where she played a red-haired, ditzy girl called Cat Valentine. The show was later spun off into Sam & Cat (2013-14), based on these two characters from iCarly and Victorious respectively.


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It was for Victorious where Grande had her first shot at singing on record. Later, while Victorious was wrapping up, Grande already had a hit single in the making. The Way debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for the week of April 1st in 2013, having just released the song in the previous week. For her part as Cat Valentine, the natural brunette had to consistently dye her hair red in order to keep up with the character’s appearance and personality. Relationships also apparently turned sour toward the end of the show. It was a small wonder that Grande was so eager to shed her old look, and debuted one that is reminiscent of a sex kitten from the 60s, and move on with the new.


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Since then, she’s won Breakthrough Artist of the Year (2014), Bambi’s Newcomer (2014), and the choice music single by a female artist at the 2015 Teen Choice Awards. She’s also concocted her own perfume, Ari by Ariana Grande, have a line of lip colours to call her own, and the latest addition to her repertoire: a clothing collection in collaboration with Lipsy.

The collection is made up of mostly dresses with a short hemline, featuring cold shoulders, halter necklines, spaghetti straps, and both tight-fitting and a-line skirts. The singer models some of her pieces, but Lottie Tomlinson was also roped in by the brand. See below for some of her signature styles which you can buy easily off ASOS.

Photo by Tom Munro for Time