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6 Outfits to Wear to An Open House This Hari Raya

Hari Raya is quickly approaching, and if you've been invited to an 'open house', we've got some suggestions on what you can wear. An 'open house' is when a host decides to invite everyone, from family to friends, and sometimes even friends of friends. Everyone is welcomed to partake in the festivities during such open houses. 

When you're visiting a Muslim household, it would be respectful to consider their cultural values before you pay them a visit. In dressing, this would mean sticking to safe and modest choices. We've got some advice here that you can choose to follow. However, each household's perspective may differ greatly, so think back to your host, and make a simple judgement before you choose what to wear.

A general rule of thumb would be not to dress like you're going out to party. Check out what we mean below: