bomber jacket

12 Styles Of Bomber Jackets Every Girl Should Try

Image via movpins

You have Tom Cruise to thank, if you now consider the bomber jacket one of your favourite wardrobe staples. The actor helped popularise the bomber jacket, and now, it has transcended through time. Historically, the bomber jacket was designed as a flight suit, capable of withstanding strong winds, and protecting pilots. These 'protective' features are exactly what makes the outerwear a one-of-a-kind piece. To identify a bomber jacket, look for a flat collar and wrist cuffs with a ribbed material, as well as a centralised zip or button closure.

And yes, there are *THIS* many different styles of bomber jackets. Depending on your lifestyle, your fashion preferences and your geographical location, you'll be sure to find at least one or more styles that will tickle your fancy. Read on to find out.

Featured photo via Mary Seng