For All The Women Out There Who Borderline Hate Wearing Bras

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Founder of local lingerie label HerJuju, Terie, says that bras are the worst. We agree.

Here’s our take on bras: it doesn’t matter whether you’re wearing a regular bra, a push-up bra, or a ‘t-shirt bra’ that promises to be the most lightweight bra you’ve ever worn – they’re all uncomfortable. This is the very reason why founder of HerJuju, Terie, decided to banish bras from her life once and for all, and why she’s switched to wearing bralettes exclusively since then.

“For example, when I’m on a date, all I want to do is have a good time and really get to know the guy. I can’t do that because more often than not, my bra is so damn uncomfortable. I end up getting really pissed off, and I can’t focus on the conversation.”

This aside, another of Terie’s pet peeves is having her uncomfortable bras dig into her skin whilst she’s at work. She’s an air stewardess, and given that she spends copious hours standing, squatting, and attending to passengers in a tight, body-hugging uniform, there’s nothing worse than having her innerwear contribute to the discomfort.

When Terie bought her first bralette and realised how insanely comfortable it was, she was hooked. She immediately introduced her cabin crew colleagues and her other friends to the world of bralettes, and decided that she wanted to start her own bralette line that could liberate women and unshackle them from the discomfort of regular bras.

When Terie first started HerJuju, she got her stocks from wholesalers in China and Seoul, but soon realised that she couldn’t, and didn’t want to sell bralettes of such poor quality. “At first glance, these mass-produced bralettes may seem fine,” she shares, “but after you start wearing them, you'll realise that there are tons of problems. If the hooks aren't sewn on properly, for example, they might snap at any time. Sometimes they use low-quality, scratchy lace. If the elastic band is also poorly made, your bralette will become loose and wear out very quickly.”

Terie decided that this – selling low quality items to her customers – was no way to build a business, and decided to start self-manufacturing instead.

There are pros and cons to self-manufacturing, shares Terie. Obviously, self-manufacturing requires a lot of time and effort, and isn't as straightforward and easy as purchasing items from wholesalers. On the flip side, Terie loves that she’s able to tailor her designs to meet her customers’ specific needs.

For example, after hearing from her customers that they prefer bralettes without hooks, Terie altered the designs for her subsequent collections accordingly. HerJuju’s bralettes are also unique in the sense that the bralettes come with slits, so that the inner padding may be removed. This gives customers more flexibility, as compared to other brands which produce bralettes with sewn-in, non-removable padding.

In the short few months that she’s been running HerJuju, Terie has learnt a lot, and made great headway with the business. Whilst HerJuju currently only stocks bralettes, they’re currently in the midst of producing a silk sleepwear line – which was conceptualized based on, again, their customers' requests.

It’s still early days for HerJuju, and Terie is focused on ensuring that she produces good quality bralettes, and growing her business as much as she can. Her end goal? She hopes for every woman in Singapore to own a bralette from HerJuju – and for that bralette to be their most cherished item of lingerie that they will wear and keep until the end of time.

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These classic handmade bralettes are sexy, sweet, and comfy, all at once. What more could you ask for?

#2: This dual straps bralette

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This bralette with peekaboo straps is too gorgeous for words. Layer it under a tank or camisole with a lower neckline for a sexy peekaboo effect!

#3: This pretty pastel blue bralette

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This lacy blue bralette is 100% hand-stitched, and feels as light as a cloud. It also comes in a dark navy shade!

#4: These matching top & bottom bralette sets

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Put your best foot forward with Herjuju’s Freedom Bralette Set. This comes with a bralette with a lacy underband, as well a matching bottom.

#5: This bralette with a sexy back

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Again, we’re diggin’ the sexy peekaboo straps, but apart from that, this bralette also comes with a fun cross-back design.

#6: This pretty in pink bralette

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Get in touch with your feminine side with this handmade pink petal bralette. The lace is especially intricate on this piece - what’s not to love?

Items with -5% will earn you 5% cashback | Learn More

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