Spa Days: A Satirical Editorial by Aleksandra Kingo

Spa Days: A Satirical Editorial by Aleksandra Kingo

Still life and fashion photographer, Aleksandra Kingo was commissioned by Schön! Magazine and produced Spa Days. The photo editorial is a satirical commentary on the extreme measures some people take when it comes to perfecting their looks. While Kingo is definitely not the first to bring light to the issue of extreme beautification (see Jamie Nelson's similar work for Vogue Mexico/Latin America here), she might be the first to poke fun at it with bright colours and interesting usage of materials. 

For instance, food stylist Lucy-Ruth Hathaway was brought in to create a delicious facial mask made of smoked salmon:

Facial mask: Salmon; Clothing: Kenzo


Of course, extreme beautification is of no laughing matter. Just last week, 32-year old Brazillian Rodrigo Alves (IG: @rodrigoalvesuk), also known as the human 'Ken doll', was rushed to the hospital because of a hole in his nose. This was the result of skin necrosis, which occured after a recent nose reconstruction, and could have ended very badly. 

At present, there are at least 17 people who consider themselves human dolls (Cosmopolitan counts eight; an additional eight from Yahoo). In 2015 alone, 1.7 million Americans underwent cosmetic surgery, take that number and multiply it by the many risks that go along. While an exact mortality rate on cosmetic surgeries are unclear, it is a fact that people have died. In light of such dire news, Day Spa is a much welcomed, humourous treatment to the topic. 


Superglue as nail glue; cling wrap tights


Vegetable bra



Correction liquid as teeth whitener


Paint as nail polish (right)


Unknown liquid as self-tanner


Photography: Aleksandra Kingo / Food stylist: Lucy-Ruth Hathaway / Art director: Gem Fletcher / Fashion tylist: Natasha Freeman / Set designer: Amy Friend / Hair: Delphine Bonnet / Makeup: Erin Kristensen / Nails: Kate Cutler / Post-production: Glossmarc / Model: Gigi Jeon, Next Management