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Prabal Gurung Designs a Collection for TOMS

"What excites me about collaborating with TOMS is our shared belief in inspiring others and giving back. We're coming together to make a difference in the world by what we do."

- Prabal Gurung

One year after the earthquake that caused great devastation, comes a ready-to-wear shoe collection by a Nepalese designer for the Nepalese. Prabal Gurung teamed up with TOMS to help rebuild the country where he was raised.

The shoes are available in TOMS' classic Alpargarta shape, Del Rey sneakers, and Nepal boots. Printed on the canvas is a Scottish fair isle pattern (similar to fabrics in Nepal), a snow leopard print, and a black snow leopard print, all designed by Gurung. These are patterns and colours that are reflective of the designer and his heritage.

For this special collection, the shoe company will not just give away a second pair to a child in need. Each purchase will also see an additional USD$5 (SGD$6.72) donated to the Shikshya Foundation Nepal. 

Prabal Gurung TOMS alpargarta nepal charity
Photo via Vogue

The charity was founded in 2011 by Gurung, his sister, and friends to increase educational opportunities for young Nepalese. He felt that his success in fashion provided him with a platform to raise awareness and give back to his home country. 

"I had an audience, so why not deflect all the attention that was coming to me to a cause that needs it more than I do?"

- As told to Vogue's Marjon Carlos

View the designs below and click on the images to be brought to the product page.

Prices were converted from USD to SGD based on an exchange rate of 1.34 at time of writing

Featured photos via Vogue and TOMS

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