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How to Respond to Typical Tinder Pickup Lines

Sean Rad, CEO of Tinder, says that 80 percent of of users are looking for a long-term relationship. I've always wondered how true that is of men in Singapore, Malaysia, and other parts of Southeast Asia.

It's hard to tell whether a guy is looking for something serious with you, or simply casual sex. The signs aren't always obvious (as compared to some, which you'll see later.) You may have to rely on your gut and instinct to suss out the wolves.

Some pickup lines, like the one below, seem completely harmless.



Others can be pretty creative and witty.

But, if you sense something's amiss about your next Tinder/Paktor match from his profile pictures or description, here's how to response to some typical pickup lines.


The Show Off





The Sweet Talker





The One That Jumps the Gun

When he just seems too eager to get your digits.




The Riddler




The Perv

See what we meant by obvious?





Be safe out there, ladies.

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