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Here are 31 Adorable Kids at Seoul Fashion Week

Who knew there were even more adorable Korean children, besides Baby Yebin? Seoul Fashion Week may have wrapped up last week, but we cannot stop thinking about the kids who stole the limelight. So we took some time to do a little investigative work, and came up with a comprehensive list of the who’s who of the little Korean paepi (definition here) on Instagram.

The reason we keep seeing these children can be attributed to a very successful marketing campaign by MLB Kids. We’re also starting to see New Balance Kids following in their footsteps. Don’t be surprised when you see most of these kids decked out in these branded apparels. While some of them are models, there are also actors in the mix, and children who simply like to dress up, or be dressed up.


Photo by minkyoung.jank.96; Kim Chae Hyun


Kim Chae Hyun with Bella Thelwell; photo by Youme Thelwell


@carla11xbella13; photo by @pho_u


@okhee0717; photo by @_byjunnie


Yi Nam Gyeong with @okhee0717; photo by MLB Kids


Yi Nam Gyeong, photo by Paik Sung Won


Na Hyun Jin


Jane, photo by MLB Kids


Wooju, photo by Na Yun Jeong


 Wooju, right


Sisters at @loveinj1


Ye Gyeong with Yuna, photo by Alex Finch


Yuna with Arin, photo by Alex Finch


@binme82, photo by Lee Yeong Mo


@binme82 with Kim Ha-sol, photo by @binme82


Kim Ha-sol, photo by MLB Kids


Min, photo by Paik Sung Won


Tae Eun, photo by Lee Yeong Mo


Kim Seol, photo by Mun Jeong Won




L-R: Kim Gyu BinKim Chae HyunWoo Ye Ju, Jang Yeon Seo; photo by Woo Ye Ju


Jung Tak, photo by Maria


Louie Tucker (right), photo by New Balance Kids, photo by Alex Finch


L-R: Lulu, @jm6248, Lee Yeon Hee; photo by Lee Yeon Hee


L-R: Jeong Ji Won, Lee Ji Ho, @wooooosung_, Jung Woo; photo by Alex Finch


Amber, photo by Austin Jung


Featured photo: Alex Finch