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Drea Chong: Behind The Scenes of Her Instagram Photos

Drea Chong's Instagram feed is always well-curated, and so are her outfits

Social influencer Drea Chong tells TODAY's Marianne Wee-Slater the amount of effort that goes behind each photograph.

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She reveals she only takes up to 10 minutes to do her makeup, which is unsurprising because of her classic style, with just a pop of colour on the lips. Styling a shot, selecting the best ones, and editing the photograph are what takes up the most time. No Instagram husbands here she relies on her pal Daryl Aiden, or her assistant.

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Even after working with big-name brands like Michael Kors and SK-II, and being flown to dream destinations like the United States and Maldives, Drea still doesn't get the approval of her loved ones. She lamented: "I know that my parents and boyfriend (who is a lawyer) don't see this as a real job, but I get hurt when they say it to me."

Read the full interview on TODAY Online; featured photo via IG: @dreachong

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