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6 Things We Love About Supermodel & Host Rebecca Tan

Great talent, hilarious, and so much swag. What's not to love about Rebecca Tan?!

1. She's that familiar face we all know

You might not have known who she was, but you'd have seen her face somewhere before. As a model, she's covered local magazines (such as Her World and Shape), starred in many commercials (including Lee Hwa Jewellery, Visa, and HL Milk) and music videos (I Can, Aaron Kwok). She also hosted Mediacorp's Fashion Forward and Beauty Files television programmes, and most recently,'s Hack It. Back in 2010, Rebecca also starred alongside Danny Chan (who is most famous for portraying Bruce Lee) in The Spirit of Fight

2. You get snippets of her life on Instagram

With each Instagram photo Rebecca (@rjt99) posts, you get to learn a little more about her. It's not very frequent, but its plenty!

3. Her show, Hack It, is full of useful shortcuts we could all use

Who knew you could wear a triangle bikini top in other ways than it was intended for? Rebecca (and the writer[s]) does!


4. She's hilarious

Watch an episode of Hack It, and you'll know. She also frequently refers to her ankles as cankles (chunky ankles) in self-deprecating humour. In the especially wet year of 2010, she even took a dive in her flooded house. She reveals more of her bubbly personality in her updated showreel:


5. Dat accent tho

Before settling down in Singapore, Rebecca grew up in Melbourne where she started her modelling career at 16 years of age. In the past 18 years since she's lived here, she's learnt Singlish and Hokkien which she verbally weaves in and out of. 


6. She's kinda like our version of Ruby Rose

... Whom she's actually met! The short crop/long pixie 'do is a giveaway, but not just that. It's also the sharp face, charming smile, and badass swagger she owns. She also has a small amount of tattoos (that we've observed so far), that make her just a bit more similar to Ruby Rose. Maybe its an Australian thing.



Featured photo via IG: @rjt99

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