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6 Models Who are Kicking Ass at Social Media

Did the the modelling start first, or did the social media following come first? It's basically a chicken-and-egg problem. However, unlike chickens and eggs, we actually do know the answer for this—it's both. 

Models start gaining followers after online sleuthing and they slowly start gaining popularity. But brands may also choose to cast social media influencers as their models as part of their marketing strategy. 

These 6 girls are as much models as they are social media personalities—each with their different style; each with their own stories—but always tied together by fashion and clothing. If you follow them, you'll know they're all mega-stylish, so you can learn about new brands, or see how the item fits on them before you decide to buy it. 


1. Ellie Tan

Ellie channels some serious '90s vibes with her denim staple and ubiquitous film grain. The tattoo apprentice always ejects some edge into her poses, bringing them to the e-shops she models for. We've also previously featured Ellie in our Pantone Spring 2017 Colour Report

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