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5 Reasons to Follow Local Actress Rosalind Pho on Instagram Now

Local actress, Rosalind (Roz) Pho is having her share of the limelight, thanks to long-running television drama, Tanglin, and clicknetwork.tv's relatively new program, Hype Hunt, in which she co-hosts alongside fashion blogger, Jemma Wei. Here are 5 reasons why we think you should follow her on Instagram now (@rozpho).


1. She's a talented actress

In Tanglin, Roz plays the role of Vanessa, who is unwed and gave birth to a child, fathered by one of her ex-boyfriends. She suffers from mental disorders, so her role requires her to play a wide range of emotions. While her character is not the most popular on the show, her acting chops are commendable. Watch it here, point of note: 15:23.


2. She's real

No, seriously. She shares photos and videos of her family, friends and boyfriend, with captions that give insights as to what she's like as a person. 



An Instagram family moment. And mom doesn't look too unpleased! 😂

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3. She's an avid traveller

Feast your eyes on her travel photos and gain some inspiration for your next vacation!


This for 5 days straight would give anyone a sore bum. But it was totally worth it.

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Are you 🌸cherry blossomed🌸 out yet? Coz I'm not! 😎

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4. She's got a sense of humour

Celebrities usually shy away from showing their ugly side, but not Roz:


The #aftermath of a big dinner. #help #foodcoma. 📷: Joe Hon

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Not just that, she also starred in this comic:


5. She's friends with other celebrities

Roz frequently posts wefies or group shots with other celebrities, so you'll have a chance to find out what their IG handles are and follow them too. You also get a fresh look at your favourite celebs who tend to be a bit more private on social media. 



(BONUS) 6. She's got a super cute sense of style (and takes great OOTDs)

While she doesn't stick to a particular style, her outfits are always on point and easy to emulate. 



Chillin' on rooftops is my thing now. 😎

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