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You Too, Can Own The Same Dinosaur Clutch Mrs Lee Was Carrying

Singaporeans were pleasantly surprised when it was reported that Mrs Lee had brought along a clutch with a dinosaur motif on her state visit to the United States. It was the very same clutch she had purchased from The Art Faculty--only a week before--as part of a charity drive.

It appears as if the organisation was the first to spot their own creation.
ho ching white house dinosaur pouch clutch

The Art Faculty is actually a subsidiary of the Pathlight School for autistic children. It is a part of Pathlight's Artist Development Programme in which the students are mentored and groomed on their artistic abilities. Through the store--which operates both online and offline--students sell their own creations, earn royalties off the sale of their products, and develop independent working skills. Mrs Lee advises the Autism Resource Centre which oversees Pathlight, and is also a Patron of the Autism Association Singapore.

On the flip side, haters started criticising Mrs Lee on her lack of style when she opted for a pair of sandals to go to the White House. Fortunately, she stepped up a notch to attend the State Dinner at the White House, where both herself, and Mr Lee, were honoured guests. For both occasions, she chose to wear a Peranakan-styled Kebaya top with pants.
ho ching white house state dinner Photo via @leehsienloong

You can take a look at the dinosaur clutch below, links attached!

Source: The Straits Times; featured photo via Channel News Asia