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There's This Insane Makeup Challenge Going Around Youtube

Six weeks ago, we shared a video on Facebook of Youtube vlogger Cristine, who goes by Simply Nailogical, and was applying 116 coats of gel nail polish, just to find out what it looks like. 

Cristine took approximately 14 hours to create Polish Mountain, all while allowing each coat to dry properly, and painting with her non-dominant hand. 

"I take my challenges very seriously."



And we can tell. Her dedication to the art and the challenge paid off. Her video went viral—there are more than 15 million views to date—and was covered by major online publications like CosmopolitanRefinery29, and The Daily Mail. Her participation in this challenge also inspired many other vloggers to start something similar.

Here are some of the best (or worst, depending on how you see it): 

iwanted2c1video's 100 layers of makeup

100 layers makeup challenge

mayratouchofglam's 100 COATS OF LIQUID LIPSTICK!

100 layers lipstick makeup challenge

Diana Saldana's 100 Coats Of Foundation, Eyebrow, Lipstick & Highlight

100 layers of makeup challenge

Thomas Sekelius' LÄGGER 100 LAGER FOUNDATION in Swedish

100 layers foundation makeup challenge

Last but not least, JennaMarbles' Ultimate 100 Coats of Things Video

jenna marbles ultimate 100 layers makeup challenge


At least at one point in the video will you see each of them stop and contemplate certain life choices of theirs. But the best look of remorse goes to Jeely in her attempt to put on 100 layers of foundation (even after doing a mascara challenge—the girl never learns!). Watch 2:52 and 3:27



Are you up for the challenge? Share your video with us!