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The Drug-Free Menstrual Cramp Relief You Need in Your Life

Ever woken up ready to pounce on the day, only to be suddenly hit by abdominal cramps so bad, that it has totally ruined your day? Yet, life has to go on. You pop the pink pills and sip on hot tea (as soon as possible, while trying not to burn your mouth), in an attempt to make it out of the house to carry on life as usual. 

Once you've exhausted all methods of alleviating your cramps from within, you start to wonder, what's new? What else can you do, to make the cramps go away?

Introducing: MenstruHeat—a self-heating pad that you can stick on your abdominal area, for an invisible, drug-free remedy to your cramps. 

Menstruheat heating pad 

How It Works

MenstruHeat is made out of an air-permeable membrane that is constructed to reach a specially formulated temperature that produces optimal results for soothing menstrual pain. It also uses a medical grade adhesive that is easy to put on and peel off. The heating pad can also last up to 12 hours—more than sufficient to ease the pain for most people. 

Have you heard of your seniors advising you not to take too much pills? Many believe menstrual pills are a form of placebo—easing your mind, rather than the pain itself. MenstruHeat works only by providing heat as a form of relief. 


Three Heat Levels

The MenstruHeat can be stuck on to three different areas to provide heat. First, and the most effective area is on the abdomen itself. Drawing from your body heat, the heating pad will heat up fastest and hottest when applied in this manner. For a milder approach, apply the heating pad on your inner/underwear, which will act as an insulator for the full amount of heat to pass through. If you're quite intolerant of heat, you may choose to stick MenstruHeat on the underside of your shirt instead. Normally, the heat will pass through the adhesive side to your body, but it also radiates from the other side. This will still create mild heat and instil some comfort in you.  

Creators of MenstruHeat has also come up with a Lite version that is a whole six degrees cooler. The Lite version, is exactly the same as MenstruHeat, which means it can also be applied in three different ways for varying heat. 

Menstruheat heat levels


A Monthly Subscription for a Monthly Problem

Get free doorstep delivery when you purchase between two to eight MenstruHeat packs, to be delivered every two months. You'll never have to worry about running out of the heating pads, or have to run out in desperation to your nearest pharmacy to buy them.

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Do not hesitate to see a doctor if your abdominal cramps are debilitating, and/or lasts longer than three days, as it may be symptoms of a larger problem.

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