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Sex in SingCity: An Open Dialogue on 18 Nov

TheWYLDshop, Lila Sutra, and BottlesXO are coming together to uncover the shroud of mystery surrounding sex in Singapore. 

Happening next Friday, 18th November, at The Hive, prepare for a night of shopping, munching and drinking, and especially, a no-holds-barred conversation about sex, intimacy, pleasure, orgasms, and relationships. 

If you're a naturally shy person, but harbour a burning question you think you'll be too afraid to ask during the event, you can shoot them the question beforehand. This way, you have absolutely no excuse to skip it. You can ask your questions anonymously here.

wyldshop lila sutra bottlesxo Sex in SingCity event


For an entry price of $35, you get dinner, a drink, and all your questions answered. We'll say this costs less than your typical girls' night out, and new knowledge you just cannot put a pricetag on. The panel discussion includes sexperts (never knew this neologism might come in handy) from across different industries. Plus, you also get to learn a little about seductive strip-teasing, from blogger and dancer, Joyce Roxanne. Check out her moves here: