kenzo hm designer collaboration

Kenzo is the Next Designer Collaboration with H&M

Slated to launch on 3rd November 2016, there's no doubt the KENZO x H&M collection will fly off the shelves. Previous designer collaborations with Alexander Wang and Balmain, set the precedent of its launch date situation.  

Some may contemplate the popularity of KENZO x H&M—after the much-revered Balmain collection—but we feel there’s not a comparison here. Balmain’s edgy, military aesthetic is a stark contrast to KENZO’s wild motifs and graphic prints.

Kenzo the voice of this generation lookbook campaign
The Voice of this Generation editorial, Kenzo


If you need a clue on what to expect (maybe to decide if it's worth braving the mayhem that might occur), watch the teaser video below. 


Inconvenient time to watch the video? Here are some screenshots: