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It's Morphin' Time: Power Rangers Merchandise to Transform Yourself

90s kids rejoice! Not only is there the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers film coming out in the first quarter of 2017, you can now also own merchandise from a totally legit collaboration.

This comes from the brainchild of Ronnie Fieg, designer, king collaborator, and owner of KITH. Personally, he's designed sneakers for brands like New Balance, Puma, and Asics. But with KITH, he's collaborated with Nike, Cap'n Crunch (yes the cereal), and now, Power Rangers.

This collaboration is pretty basic, but straight to the point. You can see the Power Rangers references right off the bat--clothing in the colour of the Rangers, lightning bolts, and helmets--available in the form of sweats.

Except they're not all available. The collection is so popular, most of the items have sold out. But it looks optimistic as the online shop has an option for you to indicate if you'd like to be notified when stocks have become available. Use this page as an overview of what's left, or you can see below for the whole collection. Click through to purchase, or to indicate your interest.


Source: Vogue; featured photo via Kith NYC

Prices were converted and rounded up based on an exchange rate of 1.39 (USD) at time of writing

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