Hermès Reopening Flagship Store Liat Towers

Hermès Reopens Their Flagship Store at Liat Towers

Liat Towers will forever hold a special place in many hearts. Since the first Starbucks in Singapore opened—the queue snaked all the way around the building—that part of Orchard Road has never been the same. Starbucks Liat Towers was a destination—you are considered hip and trendy to be seen hanging out there. It's just never been the same since its outdoor seating were removed. We blame the lethal combination of cigarette litter, pigeon poo, and the great floods of 2011. The coffee company took the opportunity of the closure to kick start the entire nation's overhaul of its chains, and honestly, it has never been the same since.

Thankfully, the building has a new attraction. The other longstanding tenant, just opened its newly renovated corner store. In early 2015, Hermès announced the closure of their flagship for works to be done. They have retained the use of its highest level as an exhibition space, named Aloft at Hermès, where local artist, Dawn Ng is currently exhibiting. How to Disappear into a Rainbow is an experience, to move along and get lost in colours, then re-emerging to find yourself in a mirrored panel. 


Hermes dawn ng how to disappear into a rainbow flagship reopening singapore
Photo by Masao Nishikawa, via Buro


The store also increased its square footage by 670 metres, possible through two additional stories. The extra space has allowed the Maison to present Singaporeans with their home and living collection--for the first time. A limited edition scarf was also created to mark the special occasion.

What might be the most interesting yet—especially for those who enter the Orchard Road stretch via Tanglin—might find themselves greeted by a riding firework-maker atop the flagship store. This is probably the third in the world, with the original sitting (or riding?) at their Paris flagship, on 24 Rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré, and the second at Huai Hai Road, Shanghai. 

Hermès is located on 541 Orchard Road, Liat Towers, and is open to public from today (20 May) onwards. More information is available on bagaholicboy and Nylon.


Photo via Town&Country