toms one day without shoes instagram challenge

Bare Your Feet For Charity: TOMS' One Day Without Shoes

We all know TOMS as that shoe company with the very socially responsible cause. Besides selling extremely comfortable walking shoes, each pair you buy, eventually touches another's life in a way you cannot imagine.

The common misconception is a pair for a pair—for every pair a consumer purchases, a second pair is given for free to someone in lesser conditions, helping to prevent infections or parasites that enter through the feet. To date, more than 60 million pairs of shoes have been given out. 

But TOMS has gone beyond just saving feet and preventing the relevant health issues. They are also active in restoring sight, providing accessibility to drinking water, supporting maternal health, as well as preventing bullying, through their subsidiaries, external collaborations and sale of products. 

Today (10th May) is special, however. It is TOMS' One Day Without Shoes challenge. Without having to spend a single cent, you can help do your part in motivating TOMS to give away up to 100,000 pairs of shoes. Just follow these three simple steps:

Toms one day without shoes instagram campaign

Toms one day without shoes instagram campaign

toms one day without shoes instagram campaign


There's nothing like a fun Instagram challenge to kick up excitement. What's more, helping people in India, Ethiopia and Peru, etc. just through a simple action on your end. Here are five ideas for you to participate!


1. Choose an interesting background, using prints or textures


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2. Wear an interesting/colourful bottom