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A Better Getfash is Coming to You Soon

Hello there!

First, I want to say a big THANK YOU for reading this page. Whether you’re a first time reader, or frequent browser, thank you, for taking a chance on Getfash. :)

The Getfash you see now is nothing like our beginning. We started by bringing fashionable people together to compete in themed contests, which we hoped would enliven the community.

What we got out of that experience was invaluable. We learnt tangible skills like marketing and community outreach, and intangible ones like resilience and determination. However, our main takeaway was that people do care about improving their personal style. This was done through Getfash--users could draw inspiration and bounce ideas off of other participants.

We took that and worked hard on expanding both ends of the spectrum. Inspiration now comes in easily digested articles with styling tips and tricks, while on the other end, we’ve also put in links where you can purchase immediately.

Just to reiterate: we know our readers want to look good. And it has come to our attention that appearances are literally only on the surface. This is why we’ve taken up a more holistic approach to help you improve your style in the key aspects of your life. We will be covering a broader range of topics, including beauty, relationships, and career. 

Watch the video below for a preview of what’s to come. Once again, thank you for your support—it means the world to us.


On behalf of the Getfash team,

Charmaine Tay