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This Modern Jewellery Brand is Perfect For Those Whose Love Language is Gifting

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MienLabel.co is a godsend to those of us whose love languge is gifting - here's why.

Many people have heard of the 5 love languages as popularized by Gary Chapman – these are gift giving, quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service (devotion), and physical touch. If your love language is gift-giving (like us!), this means that the way in which you express your love for your friends and family is to surprise them with small gifts on a regular basis.

When it comes to gift-giving, it’s not about the money that you spend, but about the meaning behind the gift. Those with gift-giving as their love language, for example, might not be comfortable with giving “generic” gifts such as Pandora charms, Typo planners, and gift vouchers. What’s a more ideal gift, then? Go with meaningful, personalized items – such as the customizable bracelets and necklaces by local jewellery brand MienLabel.co!

MienLabel.co has been in the market for a few years now – but they were previously known as ModernMinimalist, and they’ve recently rebranded and relaunched their site with a sleeker, more sophisticated look. 95% of the items on their website are customizable, and because the sizes run from XXS all the way to XXL, you can even purchase these for the special men in your life (some of the leather bracelets are very popular with the men, we’ve heard!)

Customization aside, another thing that we love about MienLabel.co is that their items are pretty affordable. The majority of their pieces are priced at $50 and below, which is a wallet-friendly price – especially when you take into consideration the exceptional quality that you’re getting. (Unlike other similar jewellery brands, MienLabel.co doesn’t use normal plating. Instead, they use Ion Plating, which costs them double the price of the normal plating – this is also the same grade as what you get on branded watches.)

Because the items from MienLabel.co aren’t pricey at all, this means that you don’t need to limit your gifting occasions to standard holidays such as Mother’s day or birthdays. Instead, shower your friends with love by gifting them these custom bracelets and necklaces when they’re feeling down, when they’re embarking on a new stage of life, or simply to show your appreciation for how supportive they are.

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Use the button below to shop MienLabel.co's entire collection and earn 5% cashback:

Items with -5% will earn you 5% cashback | Learn More

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