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Modern Lucky Charms & Talismans that are Perfect for Sensitive Ears & Everyday Wear

If you're feeling a little on the edge because Halloween is approaching, or maybe you're just more superstitious, now's a good time to purchase some pretty jewellery that can double up as a lucky charm or talisman.

Dreamcatchers, four-leaf clovers, and cranes have more meaning to their motif than you might think. You can probably find something that will fit your requirements at Arva.co's wide range of jewellery. See below for what each motif means.

Many of Arva.co's jewellery are made with 925 Silver and Stainless Steel, so it is suitable for people with sensitive ears or want a simple pair for everyday use. The stainless steel ones are great because you never need to take them off, and can wear them to the shower--a place where your paper amulet will never survive.


We know you want to keep your loved ones safe and sound--gifting jewellery has also never been easier. When you're ready to add item into cart, simply check the box to indicate the item as a gift, and the good folks will pack it for you in a glass test tube (or not--your choice) and into a gift box.

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