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By Invite Only Innovates Mosquito-Repellent Jewellery

In hot and sunny Singapore, mosquitoes prevail. Dengue is an ongoing battle, and Zika has inevitably landed on our shores. Spray-on repellents that are known to be effective are extremely pungent, and may be inappropriate for the professional environment. What's a modern woman to do to protect herself?

Thankfully, local jeweller, By Invite Only has done us all an act of service, by creating mosquito-repellent jewellery. The design behind it, is to simply encapsulate a citronella bead inside a charm, that is chained into a necklace or bracelet.

By invite only mosquito repellent jewellery jade

The mosquito repellent jewellery are part of a collection called Yu Ahn. Loosely translated as 'to be safe with jade', the jewellery could be interpreted as a sort of lucky charm or talisman for its wearer. See below for the full collection.

By Invite Only's decision to camouflage the citronella bead with Burmese jade beads, is truly ingenious. Believers of crystal healing and the power of stones, will find the jewellery to be a multi-pronged talisman.

Unfortunately for us(but great for the brand!), due to widespread media coverage, By Invite Only has sold out the Yu Ahn collection. But the brand assures us that they're working hard to bring back the pieces, so head over to their site and sign up for their mailing list.

Source: Mashable Asia; all photos via By Invite Only

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