Atas Jewellery at Crazy Affordable Prices - The Story Behind Jemsa

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Quality jewellery can be affordable.

We've often heard the phrase "diamonds are a girl's best friend", but ST Ang, founder of well-loved jewellery brand Jemsa, begs to differ.

"You should be able to experiment with creating your own style, or even make mistakes without feeling the pinch," she says, going on to add that not all jewellery need to be locked away in a safe. Ang, who has a cool two decades' worth of experience working at international fashion houses, is on a mission to prove to the world that you can look good on a budget. And by the looks of it, she's succeeding.

How affordable is affordable, you ask? Jemsa's online store houses over 400 products in the range of $19-$165; these products typically feature Swarovski crystals or other expensive finishings, but retail for only 20%-30% of what you would expect to pay at the big boys like Swarovski and Pandora.

"I used to bond with my late mother through shopping for jewellery," Ang recalls fondly, "and there was always this sense of excitement and joy in discovering something that you both like." Regardless of whether her customers are shopping with a friend, for a friend, or for themselves, Ang hopes to invoke this similar sense of discovery when they're browsing on her online store - and an added sense of delight at the affordable prices.

Below are a few featured pieces from Jemsa's latest collection. If your order size is $50 and above, Jemsa will even throw in a free courier delivery service! Time to log in and start shopping!

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