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A Stylish Way to Never Forget Your Personal Mantra

There's a reason why people wear a cross, carry mala beads, or even undergo a painful process to get a permanent ink. It's because as humans, it's in our nature to forget. And when we forget, we need reminders. It's also why we use Post-its, organisers, and schedule digital reminders for work. 

But what of lesser (even more important) things, like remembering to keep a positive outlook and to cherish the little things in life? You can put a ring on it, as Beyoncé once said.

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No—seriously. Inscribe a little pick-me-up and put a ring on it. Or a necklace, or a bracelet. 

Modern Minimalist has exactly what we need in our lives. Physical reminders, in delectable shades of gold, silver, and rose gold. The beauty in buying and owning your own personalised jewellery is in customising the sort of reminder you need for yourself.

If you're a hopeless romantic for instance, you might go for the simple "Love" or "Faith", but if you find yourself in need of a constant motivation, you might choose to inscribe "I am enough". See below for some words or phrases we think will suit you.


1. Choose your accessory

Depending on your personal needs, if you like wearing your reminder close to your heart, you might go for a necklace. If you prefer something easily within reach to give you a visual reminder, bracelets will be perfect.

Click on each item to be brought to its product page:

From left to right:


Also, consider the length of your mantra, which will affect the size of your 'canvas'.


2. Choose your desired colour

 If rose gold is your weakness, then go for it.


3. Determine the words

Whether it's a confidence booster, or a self-reminder, the words are yours to decide. That's the beauty of a personalised product. See below for some words or phrases we think will suit you.


3. Choose your font

Between standard Arial or a cursive font, the answer should be obvious depending on what you want to inscribe. We recommend using Arial if you'd like to put in a phrase, so it's more legible. You can also choose to have your inscription darkened to make it more distinct. 

Personalised charms without darkened letters (left), and with darkened letters (right)

Depending on the accessory you choose, you can inscribe between one to 20 characters.


Personal Mantra Ideas

We've put together a short list of ideas for you to personalise your Modern Minimalist jewellery with. 

Do take note of the allowed number of characters, special symbols and characters. If you're unsure, consult Modern Minimalist before you place your order.


Names or significant dates

Remind yourself of important dates, or to stay true to yourself. 


For the romantic/sentimental

Love, Hope, Joy, Faith, Blessed, Courage, Bravery, Daydreamer, Reveur (FR), Reverie, Cherish, Grace

Eat, pray, love

Hope anchors the soul

Si vis amari, ama (If you wish to be loved, love)

Amor, amore, amour (Love, love, love)

Ubuntu (The belief that we are defined by our compassion and kindness towards others)



Shine on

Born for this

I am enough

Be true to yourself

Dare to dream

Live your dreams

Shine bright like a diamond

Some kind of wonderful

She believed she could, so she did


For the traveller



Eat, pray, love

In the wild

Fernweh (German - a longing to travel; missing a place you've never been)


Inspirational life quotes

Live in the moment

Que sera sera (What will be, will be)

Dolce vita (Sweet life)

C'est la vie - (Such is life)

Carpe diem (Seize the day)


Get at least 2 pieces of jewellery to complete the following phrases, or gift one to your partner or best friend

I can... I will

Wonder... Wander

Worst Enemy... Best friend

Yesterday has passed... Make tomorrow count

Make the impossible... Possible

(When) Life gives you lemons... Make lemonade

The sun will rise... Try again (Truce, Twenty One Pilots)

We run things... Things don't run we (We Can't Stop, Miley Cyrus)


Do you have a meaningful phrase you think is missing from this list? Share it with our readers by commenting on the Facebook post below!


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