7 Thoughts Women Who Love Jewellery & All Things Shiny Can Relate To Too Well

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Can't resist shiny objects? Us too.

Do you...

  • Get easily distracted by Pandora, Swarovski and Tiffany & Co's window displays?
  • Spend too much on jewellery and all things shiny?
  • Feel that an outfit without a little bling is incomplete?

If you answered yes to any of the above, this article is for you! Check out these 7 thoughts that women who love jewellery can relate to too well - and click on the accompanying items to shop the look!

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#1: When you're walking in a mall and a window display suddenly catches your eye...

S H O P :
Like a magpie, you’re inexplicably drawn to window displays housing shiny objects.

Picture from @glamour.

#2: When you decide to go in because there's no harm taking a look...

S H O P :
5 minutes, tops!

Picture from @pinterest.

#3: When you realise the store stocks the cuff bangles you've been looking for, like, forever...

S H O P :
Highlight of your week - no, MONTH.

Picture from @maximumpop.

#4: When your friend reminds you that you said you're on a budget...

S H O P :
It’s okay, you can always start saving next month.

Picture from @salon.

#5: When the salesgirl tells you there's 20% off storewide...

S H O P :
It’s meant to beeeeeee!

Picture from @youtube.

#6: When you check your bank account, and realise that your pay isn't in even though it's the end of the month...

S H O P :
This is why you have your HR on speed dial.

Picture from @elle.

#7: When you decide you don't care, and you're buying your jewellery anyway...

S H O P :
Because whoever said that money couldn’t buy happiness clearly didn’t know where to shop.

Picture from @hawtcelebs.

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