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3 Suit-Wearing Tips That Will Transform Your Boyfriend Into A Sexy Beast

These suit-wearing tips will help your boyfriend pull off his suit flawlessly.

Just like a well-fitting bra can make you look better and feel more confident, a well-made suit can transform your boyfriend from that cute guy next door to a sexy beast.

Just ask Javin, founder of local label Common Suits. According to him, there’s that one magical moment when his customers walk out of his fitting room wearing a perfectly tailored suit that highlights their best features, and emphasizes their masculinity. It's obvious that these guys have a bit more pep in their step – and upon seeing them so dapper, their girlfriends or wives immediately break out into huge smiles.

A good suit makes its wearer look taller, leaner, and more proportionate – that much we know. But what elements define a good suit, and how do you know what to look out for when making a suit? Javin, who’s served hundreds of customers and helped them tailor their ideal suits, breaks it down for us.

Tip #1: Don’t be a slave to trends

As Javin shares, some customers tend to equate stylishness with one particular look – such as slim lapels – which happens to be trending at the moment.

There’s nothing wrong with that, but because suits don’t come cheap, Javin recommends making something that’s less trendy, and more classic – so that it can stand the test of time. Plus, trendy elements such as slim lapels might not look great across all body types – so a safer option is to get a lapel that’s proportionately sized, so that it balances out your frame.

Tip #2: Don’t tailor your suit to hug your body too tightly

According to Javin, there are two types of customers who tend to go for extremely tight-fitting suits. First up, you have the men who are constantly hitting up the gym - these guys want to show off the good physiques that they've earned. Then there are smaller sized men, who think that they need to wear extremely slim-fitting clothing so that they don't drown in all that fabric.

For the first category of men, it’s much more classy to go for a suit that subtly shows off their physique, as opposed to one which outrightly hugs your biceps.

After all, there’s nothing more off-putting than someone who’s trying too hard to impress. Case in point: you don’t see male fashion icons such as Tom Ford and the like wearing super tight suits, do you?

For the second category of men, wearing a suit that’s cut too slim will make you look like you're dressed in Spandex (not a good look). For these customers, Javin recommends using an alternative type of drafting and cutting which doesn’t adhere too closely to the body, but adds more bulk instead. Curious to know how this works exactly? Make an appointment with Javin (Common Suits' showroom is located at Club Street!), and he’ll show you how he “camouflages” his own skinny legs using a specially cut pair of pants.

Tip #3: Look for a tailor who understands your body shape well

A well-made suit will compliment your figure, mask your flaws and enhance your assets, and even accentuate your masculinity. (More specifically, an accurately tailored shoulder slope can make your chest look cleaner and more muscular!)

In order to make sure that your suit achieves all of the above, be sure to look for a tailor who understands your body shape well. At Common Suits, Javin does this by increasing the number of measurement points that he takes for each customer (he started off with 15, but he's now taking 33 measurement points!) over the years. This allows him to get into the nitty gritty, and tailor suits that flatter his customers' body types.

Whilst his in-house team (located right here in Singapore!) does all the drafting and sewing, Javin takes care of all his customer’s suit-fittings. His attention to detail has resulted in many rave reviews from his customers – including @jamesbabchen, who recently wedded local influencer Melissa Celestine Koh!

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If your boyfriend or husband is thinking of tailoring a suit, make sure you share this article with him to make sure that he does it right! To learn more about Common Suits or to make an appointment with Javin, head over to the Common Suits website.

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