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This 24 Hour Gym Is Perfect For Those Who Hate Working Out During Peak-Hour Crowds

This 24 hour gym is a godsend to those who cannot stand working out during peak-hour crowds.

Picture this - you've brought all your exercise gear to work, and you're excited to finally hit the gym and start getting back into shape. Come 6pm, your boss swings by your desk and passes you an urgent assignment that you have to do. You end up working till 7.30pm, and your stomach is growling with hunger, but you suck it up and drag yourself to the gym. It's PACKED. You wait at the elliptical machine for 10 minutes, shooting annoyed looks at the person who's hogging it. Finally, you lose all your patience, and decide to head home instead.

Doesn't sound like your ideal workout scenario? One easy way to avoid the crowds and have way more flexibility when it comes to your exercise regime is to simply join a 24 hour gym - such as Gymm Boxx!

Gymm Boxx opened their first outlet way back in 2010 - this sat atop a multi-storey carpark in Bedok. Fast forward 7 years, and they now have an impressive 7 outlets across Singapore, at Bukit Batok, Kampong Ubi, Kent Ridge, Bedok Point, Taman Jurong, Bishan, and Keat Hong. Out of these 7 outlets, the last 4 are open 24/7, on both weekdays and weekends.

Given that most gyms open until 10pm (or 12am, in the case of Pure Fitness and California Fitness), this is definitely a gamechanger for gym junkies who would rather work out later in the night, when it isn't as crowded. It's a win-win - you can take your time instead of rushing down from work, and you'll complete your workout faster, because the gym will be relatively empty during these off-peak hours.

Another plus point - Gymm Boxx has plenty of free weights and machines; more specifically, there are at least 10 cardio machines in each of Gymm Boxx's 24 hour outlets. Those who are big on lifting will also appreciate that Gymm Boxx's outlets each come with at least 2 power racks, as well as weights up to 50kg.

If you're a commitment-phobe and you only want to drop in on an ad-hoc basis, Gymm Boxx's per entry rates range from $3 to $10. If you get a plan, however, membership ranges from a highly affordable $45 - $95 per month, with special discounts if you're below 21 years of age, or if you're a Passion Card / Civil Service Club Card holder. Check out the specific rates for each gym here!

Check out Gymm Boxx's rates!

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