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5 New Fitness Activities To Try For Those Who Are Bored Of Doing Yoga

Bored of yoga? Try these fitness activities instead.

If you’re Singaporean, female, and between the ages of 18-35, chances are, you attend yoga classes on a regular basis (or you’ve tried yoga at least once before). But there’s no harm in diversifying your exercise routine, and bringing more activities into the mix. In this article, we bring you 5 alternative fun workout classes which you can incorporate into your workout regime.

The aim is to do something that’s so fun, it doesn’t even feel like exercise. Read on to find out more!

#1: Underwater spin classes

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Spin classes have been around for a while now, but underwater spin classes? That’s new. These spin classes are anything but gimmicky, though. More specifically, spin classes at Aquaspin Singapore help you burn up to 3x the calories that you’d burn doing regular land-based exercise (due to the water resistance!). At the same time, underwater spinning also results in less impact on your joints (because of the buoyancy of the water). Sounds good to us!

Price: $50 for a drop-in session, $60 for an unlimited one week pass at Aquaspin

#2: Pole dancing

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Your parents (or anyone from the older generation) might balk at you learning pole dancing, but this is actually a great way for you to get a full-body workout, and increase your fitness levels. Other than simultaneously being a cardio and core workout, pole dancing also helps with your coordination, flexibility, and stamina. Plus: women who pole dance develop exceptionally strong back and abdominal muscles, and they experience less back pain during pregnancy!

Price: $15 per trial class, $50 for 4 trial classes at The Brass Barre

#3: MMA classes

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Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, or Mixed Martial Arts – take your pick. These classes can get pretty intense, so wear comfy clothes and be prepared to sweat your ass off. It’s worth it, though – a single muay thai class can help you burn 700 calories or more, and you’ll definitely get a good night’s sleep after such a rigorous workout.

Price: Complimentary trial classes available at Evolve MMA.

#4: Stand up paddle boarding

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Stand up paddle boarding, which originated from Hawaii, is where riders stand up on their boards and use a paddle to propel themselves through the water. Just in case you were wondering, it isn’t easy to maintain your balance on a board whilst you’re stationary (much less when you’re hard at work, paddling), so this activity is great for building your strength and flexibility.

Price: $23-$30 per hour at Constant Wind.

#5: Rock climbing

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If you’ve never tried it before, rock climbing is a super fun activity (assuming you’re not afraid of heights, of course!) This helps you build your upper body strength and makes your legs lean and toned; you’ll also feel super satisfied when you manage to scale up the entire height of the rock wall for the first time.

Price: $32 for a day pass with equipment rental at Climb Central.

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