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The Biggest Mistake Women Make When It Comes To Nails

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In this article, we reveal all you need to know about getting your nails done.

According to The Nail Status, which won Daily Vanity’s Singapore’s Top 10 Most Trusted Beauty Services Award in 2017, here’s the one biggest mistake that women make when it comes to nails…

Not placing enough emphasis on quality when choosing their nail salon.

Think about it – you wouldn’t go to a dodgy-looking shophouse to get your eyebrows done. So why would you destroy your nails at a cheap, unprofessional nail salon which cuts costs by using low quality products?

Good quality mani pedis are always worth paying for – because they won’t damage your nails unnecessarily. In addition to being better for your nails, these mani pedis also last a lot longer.

“When you try it out for yourself, the difference is really obvious,” reveals the team behind The Nail Status, who went on to share a memorable incident with us.

A lady had enquired about The Nail Status’s extensions services, which cost $135. Finding it expensive, she went to another nail parlour in the same mall, where she paid just $30 for the same service. Upon seeing the finished product (which was unsatisfactory!), she came back to The Nail Status, paid a removal fee for them to get rid of the extensions, and paid the $135 for them to redo said extensions again.

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The team behind The Nail Status regularly keeps itself updated of industry events, and participate in competitions as well. In the past few years, they've snagged a total of 6 awards (some employees placing second, some even clinching the championship) at various competitions in Malaysia, Japan, and Singapore.

Other than being dedicated to honing their craft, the team behind The Nail Status is also passionate about customer service. Their friendliness and warmth has won over countless customers, and they even have a stable of loyal customers and members who have been patronizing their stores at Far East Plaza and Seletar Mall for a whopping 15 years.

(Member perks include nail painting services for just $3 - for half the price of a coffee from Starbucks, you can get all ten fingernails or toenails painted with a layer of base coat, 2 colour coats, and a top coat.)

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When it comes to nail art, The Nail Status has got their techniques down pat. Apart from the standard and much requested floral, ombre, and glitter nail art designs, The Nail Status can also do themed nail art such as the “Paris” set featured above.

Fancy designs aside, The Nail Status prides itself on having a rock solid foundation in executing a basic manicure. When it comes to trimming cuticles, nail shaping, and nail polish application, you won’t find any other nail parlour which can do it with the amount of precision that The Nail Status offers.

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PS: The Nail Status won Daily Vanity’s Singapore’s Top 10 Most Trusted Beauty Services Award earlier in 2017. They provide amazing customer service, and will never engage in hard-selling. You're in good hands!