Chinese New Year

3 Tips That Will Help You Avoid Paiseh Twinning Situations This Chinese New Year

Don’t want to land yourself in an accidental twinning situation this Chinese New Year? Read our article!

Twinning situations are awkward enough in everyday life – but they’re super embarrassing when they happen during Chinese New Year. Imagine seeing your long-lost cousin (whom you only meet once a year) in the exact same outfit as you… or worse, seeing your AUNT wearing the same thing as you. You’ll probably be teased mercilessly for the rest of the day.

Want to avoid these awkward twinning situations this Chinese New Year? Here are a few tips on how to do just that:

#1: Don’t wear a dress

Most people tend to wear dresses (or skirts!) during Chinese New Year. If you’re up for it, play it a little different this Chinese New Year and wear a jumpsuit or a fitted top + pants combination instead of a dress. This helps you reduce the likelihood of unintentionally twinning with a relative by a SIGNIFICANT amount.

#2: Buy your CNY outfit overseas

We’re not talking about Platinum Mall, Bangkok – many blogshops in Singapore get their supplies from there anyway, so you can’t be guaranteed exclusivity. But if you trawl the streets of Myeong-dong, Seoul, and come across a tiny, hole-in-the-wall shop owned by a local designer, there’s a high chance that whatever outfit you pick up here will be unique enough.

#3: Buy your CNY outfit from an online store that self-manufactures

Not everyone has the budget (and time!) to fly off for an impromptu shopping spree, so the next best thing is to buy your Chinese New Year outfit from an online store in Singapore – but specifically one that self-manufactures.

Online stores which simply curate stocks from Bangkok or China are a dime a dozen, but you want to steer clear off those because, again, there’s no exclusivity. If you get your Chinese New Year outfit from an online store which self-manufactures, however, you have a much lower chance of accidentally twinning with a relative!

One such store that we recommend? All Would Envy.

Here’s what we love about this brand:

Whilst most online stores in Singapore manufacture anywhere between 10%-50% of the items they launch, All Would Envy manufactures a whopping 90% of the items on their website. On top of this, items are manufactured in highly limited quantities, and All Would Envy doesn’t often open backorders – in order to keep their designs exclusive.

All Would Envy has been around for five years and counting, and they’ve amassed a loyal following of shoppers who love their unique designs. But here’s what most of their customers don’t know: Team All Would Envy is actually helmed by two guys, Matthew and Trevor, and between the both of them, they take care of all the business operations, including designing their self-manufactured pieces.

Because both Matthew and Trevor have day jobs (Matthew’s a lawyer, and Trevor is a financial consultant), they sacrifice pretty much all their evenings and weekends to work on All Would Envy. The upside? Both say that they’ve gotten a lot more fashion-forward since working at All Would Envy – they’re up-to-speed on fashion terminology that other men are clueless about (eg midis and maxis), and they can even recommend clothes to customers based on their body types.

Despite the fact that running All Would Envy destroys any possibility of work-life balance for Matthew and Trevor, both say that it’s worth the sacrifice. If anything, they want to grow the brand even more, and carve out a name for themselves both locally and internationally.

Scroll down to shop our favourite Chinese New Year looks from All Would Envy’s latest collection!

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#1: This mesh lace dress

Chinese New Year
S H O P :
If you ask us, this lovely mesh lace dress is the very definition of form meets function. We love the intricate lace details, and the mesh bodice makes the dress a lot more secure and wearable than a strapless bandeau.

#2: This embossed flounce dress

Chinese New Year
S H O P :
Here’s a little secret: even if you have narrow hips and a boyish figure, you can still bluff your way to looking curvy. Just wear a mermaid dress like this one over here!

#3: This floral spag dress

Chinese New Year
S H O P :
For Chinese New Year, nothing’s more appropriate than a feminine floral dress. This one comes with an asymmetrical hem and adjustable straps!

#4: This eyelet boho dress

Chinese New Year
S H O P :
If you want to be comfy, go for a dress in a relaxed fit instead of something form-fitting. We’ve got our eye on this cute eyelet boho number!

#5: This crochet dress

Chinese New Year
S H O P :
This crochet dress is so versatile, you’ll be re-wearing it again and again. It’s suitable for work functions, date night, attending weddings, and more.

#6: This crochet mermaid skirt

Chinese New Year
S H O P :
We love how this crochet mermaid skirt is elegant yet sexy at the same time. To amp it up, pair it with a cropped top to show a hint of midriff (like how the model does!)

#7: This crochet swing dress

Chinese New Year
S H O P :
If comfort is your main priority this Chinese New Year, we recommend this crochet swing dress. With a dress this light and breezy, you won’t start perspiring even as you travel from house to house!

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