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What is See Now Buy Now?

Rebecca Minkoff Fall 2016

September is the start of the fashion calendar, where fashion weeks commence, and designers show their Spring collections. This is done six months before the actual calendar season, providing lead time for buyers and editors alike. 

The first fashion week of the year takes place in New York, opened on the 7th September, and will be closing on the 16th September. It will also very likely be the only fashion week this season to show both Spring 2017 and Fall/Winter 2016 collections across different designers. 

This comes in a time of an uncertain economy and a slow retail landscape. When a brand shows at fashion week, it creates hype around their products. The aforementioned six-month lead time causes consumers to lose interest, copycats to invade, and thereby, lose dollars. To cut short the process, the solution is a direct to consumer supply chain, where customers can see now, and buy now. 

American designers have been more receptive to this notion, as compared to their French and Italian counterparts.


<<< Rebecca Minkoff, Fall 2016


"We have been living with a fashion calendar and system that is from another era. Our customers today want a collection that is immediately available. Fashion shows and the traditional fashion calendar, as we know them, no longer work in the way that they once did. We spend an enormous amount of money and energy to stage an event that creates excitement too far in advance of when the collection is available to the consumer. Showing the collection as it arrives in stores will remedy this, and allow the excitement that is created by a show or event to drive sales and satisfy our customers' increasing desire to have their clothes as they are ready to wear them."

- Tom Ford

As a result, fashion forerunners are showing the Fall/Winter 2016 collection according to the consumer calendar, which is immediately available for purchase and for dressing in. This includes Tom Ford, Burberry, Rebeca Minkoff, Banana Republic, and Thakoon. 

This see-now-buy-now process is no stranger to us. Singaporeans have long been spoilt in our choices—what we see, we get almost immediately. What global fashion designers adopting this process means to us, is to increase the pace of trends trickling down towards Asia. 


Featured photo via Gazette Review

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