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This Trail-Blazing Local Label Is Defying All Norms & Choosing To Focus on Retail

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Ninth Collective prides itself on living up to “retail standards” – here’s how.

When it comes to the fashion industry, more and more brand owners are increasingly choosing to focus on their online strategy. No exorbitant rent, less manpower required, more flexibility – these are just some of the ways in which e-commerce is enormously enticing.

But founder of Ninth Collective, Ariel, begs to differ.

“We have 3 retail stores, and they’re all performing better than our online store,” she says. Because Ninth Collective uses only quality materials for their manufactured apparel, this translates to slightly higher prices. Bearing this in mind, there are several ways in which Ninth Collective’s strong retail presence works to the advantage of the brand.

Firstly, when customers visit their physical stores, they’re able to see for themselves how well-made the apparel are. Also, after customers visit one of Ninth Collective's physical stores for the first time, they often continue shopping online - because they believe in the brand, and trust that the other items that they launch are similarly well-made.

“Consistency is very important to us – we make sure that every piece lives up to our high standards, so that we don’t disappoint our loyal customers,” says Ariel. Other than ensuring the "primary" material of her clothing is up-to-par, Ariel also ensures that the material used to make the inner lining is top-notch. At Ninth Collective, you won’t find any items lined with cheap cotton or spandex, which is rough and scratchy to the touch. Instead, they use several types of breathable and stretchable satin lining, some of which are imported from Korea.

Ninth Collective's designs are tailored specifically for Asian women, who tend to be more petite than their Western counterparts. “If you look at clothes from H&M or other international brands, many of their designs feature big armholes which will make your bra visible. So what we do is to re-engineer the fit and the cut based on Asian silhouettes and proportions, so that our items suit local consumers better.”

Of course, there’s fun in experimenting with the trendy pieces that you can find at fast fashion labels such as F21. But these items are often poorly made, and may fall apart after just one or two washes. Our two cents? To be a savvy shopper, you need to understand the importance of investing in good quality pieces that you’ll be able to rewear over and over again – such as those from Ninth Collective!

Here are Getfash’s top picks from Ninth Collective’s latest collection. If you want to drop by one of their outlets – they’re located at Plaza Singapura, Tampines 1, and Income@Raffles – they stock new items every Friday!

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