Simple formula

This Simple Formula Will Tell You Whether You're a Smart Shopper

Hello! You are reading a shoppable magazine. :)

Pride yourself on always being able to identify a good bargain? This formula will put your skills to the test.

Buying wisely doesn't mean that you ONLY take the price into consideration. It's much better to buy a $200 bag that you'll carry everyday, rather than a $15 skirt that you'll wear once before it falls apart.

How do you know when you've scored a good deal, then? Use the Cost Per Wear (CPW) formula:

$ Item Price
Total # of times you'll wear or use it

If your CPW is below $3, congrats, it's a steal!

Check out our featured items, along with each of their CPWs below. Each item is estimated to be worn once every two weeks, or 26 times over the course of a year!

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